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Setting up your winning campaign

Initial campaign set up

Before we can begin calling on your behalf we would like to learn enough about your company so that we can become an extension of your organisation. This entails:

  • Learning about your brand, product and market
  • Understanding your expectations
  • Setting the targets for the telemarketing
  • Integrating our process with your sales process
  • Setting up your campaign on our CRM systems

Our initial contact with you will provide you with the opportunity to completely and thoroughly educate your telemarketing team on precisely what you want and expect them.


In order that we are fully compliant and adhering to all regulations it is essential that we obtain data permissions to contact your customers. We provide example scripts for you to add to any form of customer documentation and once an example of these are received and our agreement is signed we can then set you up as an Introducer Appointed Representative of MB&G on the FCA register.

Calling on your behalf

Once all of the above preparation has taken place, we can start calling. On the first day itself, you will undoubtedly be eager to see how the calling has gone. We will always call you on the first day to let you know any initial feedback.

Many of our clients ask us “When can I expect to see results?” In answer to this, our performance generally ramps up in week 2 of dialling your campaign. The reasons for this are firstly our experience on the campaign. Whilst all of our staff are highly experienced telemarketers, they will still be new to calling on your company’s campaign. As they complete the initial hours, they will get a feel for what the common objections are and how to overcome these. We would therefore naturally expect to see an improvement in the performance as the campaign progresses.

The second reason is the Database. At the start of the campaign, we are calling ‘cold’ data, all of whom we are starting communications with. As we progress into the campaign, we start calling back contacts we have made, and people who have requested information from us previously, and as a result the database progressively gets warmer and warmer.

Therefore please don’t be concerned if the performance in the first week is lower than you had hoped for – we almost always see a significant increase in performance as the campaign progresses.

Reporting and feedback

During the campaign we will keep you up to date with key information. Our standard reporting procedure is that each month we will email you a monthly campaign report that details key information like: number of sales made, contacts made and reasons for decline.

We will actively ask for your feedback and work together with you to improve our performance. With all of the above in place, we are confident that your campaign will be a success, and if you need additional feedback then please just let us know.

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